Friday, December 21, 2007

Europe's 750 Million

Here's a video produced by Greater Europe Mission (GEM, not ECMI) that reveals the need for followers of Christ to offer Him relevantly to the peoples of Europe:

Finished! (For Now)

We finally have a chance to pause and catch our breath! My final papers for the semester are now handed in, and what a relief it is not to have anything academic hanging over my head! On top of that, our fall 2007 tour (like we're rock stars!) is completed, leaving us with a couple weeks simply to be a part of a worshiping congregation. God has certainly answered our prayers (and yours on our behalf) for strength and stamina throughout the past three months or so, and we continue to be grateful for the way He is providing for us in many ways.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Finland Mennonite Church!

This Sunday was another change of pace for us. Instead of giving our Spain presentation, I was invited to preach a normal sermon at Finland Mennonite Church. We met their youth group and youth leaders at a Pennsylvania Christian Endeavor work camp this summer--I was the speaker for the week. So it was a great opportunity to reconnect with both the young people and their youth leaders, as well as to meet their parents and other folks in the church. The youth led worship, as you can see above, and they did a great job! They're a great group of teens, and we're convinced that God wants to do great things in them and through them--we can see that He already is.