Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Visit from the Director

A few weeks back we had the privilege of hosting ECMI-USA's director, George Brown, for a few days.  Let me brag on him for a couple of sentences.  We were already impressed with George's professional abilities as the director--he has done and is doing a lot to organize ECMI in the U.S. and to mobilize people to re-evangelize the peoples of Europe.

But we discovered that he's not one of these top-down, "I sit in the big chair while you sit in the short chair," sorts of leaders.  He chatted with us for a few hours just after arriving to hear about how our transition to Spain and through Spain has gone.  He participated in the Bible study we host in our house.  He held little baby Miriam when she was fussy and we needed to get lunch on the table.  He washed our dishes after lunch...more than once.  He prayed with us and for us, and he wanted us to pray for him.

One of the more memorable things George and I did together was hike to the top of the hill that overlooks our town, Alcora, so that we could pray together for the town and the people, asking God to soften hearts and minds to the good news of His love and salvation (see the photo above).  If you come to visit us, I hope you're a guest like George was...and I promise to take you to the top of the hill so that you can catch a better glimpse of a town that we hope you're praying for.