Sunday, August 28, 2011

Postcards in Alcora!

This week and next week have the "Fiestas del Cristo" (the town festival in honor of the Christ) here in Alcora.  Some time ago our ministry team decided to take advantage of this time when people are a bit more open and even sensitive to spiritual things.  So this week  we've distributed some 3300 postcards to all the homes here to wish them a great time of fiestas, to make them think a bit more about Christ (and not just the parties), and to direct them to our webpage ( where they can come to know Christ for the first time or know Him better.  Please pray for the following:
  • That the Lord will use these postcards for His glory and awaken the hearts of Alcorinos to His great love for them.
  • That those who are seeking the Lord (or just something to fill the emptiness in their lives) will find the living Christ who loves them.
  • That if people contact us personally we'll know how to take them closer to Christ and grow in their relationship with Him.
Above you have a little video we made to thank you for your encouragement and support of the ministry here in Alcora, and in particular of our distribution of the postcards.  Thanks for praying with us!