Friday, January 23, 2009

Promising News

On Tuesday of this week, we spoke with an official in the visa department at the Spanish Consulate in New York City, which was a minor miracle in itself (it can take several calls on several days before talking to live person at the Consulate). This official told us that she expects our visa to be approved within the next month! We are hoping that this is not a case of Spanish avoidance and procrastination ("mañana, mañana"--"tomorrow, tomorrow"), but it does give us promise that we will be able to get to Spain soon. So please pray for swift approval, as well as for our patience and spiritual growth as we continue to wait!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hurry Up & Wait

We had a super-busy December, galavanting around the country (buckle up!), from Pennsylvania to Kentucky to Indiana to Colorado to New Mexico back to Colorado back to Indiana to Illinois to Missouri back to Illinois and Indiana to Ohio and now full-circle back to Pennsylvania, though in Lititz and not Myerstown. It was a very full time and such a great blessing to see family and friends, receive great training at MTI, and to see more family!

And now we receive a call...that says..."Come to New York and pick up your residency visas from the Spanish Consulate." We could receive that call tomorrow, or it could come in two months. It's out of our control, so we wait. Please pray with us that our visas come swiftly, and even more that we would not view this limbo time as a waste but as a great opportunity to catch our breath and prepare for the big leap we're about to take. We hurried through December, and now, in January 2009, we wait on Spain...more significantly, though, we wait on God as He guides us through this transition.