Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conversations with Spaniards: Questions...

Last week, as our friend E. climbed up the stairs to our apartment for her weekly English class, I (Rachel) prayed that God would guide our conversation so that it would be deeper than just about English grammar.  E. almost immediately told us about how the father of one of her student had died this week, and how this was adding to the anxiety and fear of death she normally lives with.  This turned into an hour long converstion about her faith, God's love for her, and the truth we can find in the Bible.

"I believe in my head but still feel doubt in my heart. The Catholic Church has taught me the basics about my faith, but I still have lots of questions," E said. "I have asked God to increase my faith and I feel like a bad Christian or like I'm doing something wrong because of this. What can I do?"

God answered my prayer, and I was able to clearly share the Gospel with E., explaining that salvation and faith are a gift of God that we receive through grace, not works, and that all she has to do is accept it. She explained that she believed in Jesus as being the Son of God but had doubts about His resurrection. I pointed her in the right direction, shared some Scripture with her about how those in Christ do not have to fear death, and gave her a Bible.  

After praying for her, I encouraged E to take some time each day to read the Bible to gain some of the answers she is looking for.  She stated, "I think the problem is that I just don't know enough about the Bible."  Please pray that E will grow in her understanding of and passion for Christ, and that she will take the jump from simply knowing about Jesus, to having a personal and life-giving relationship with Him!  May the conversation continue...

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