Monday, April 9, 2012

Seek God for Alcora!

A little over two weeks ago we held our united worship and prayer service for Alcora.  We had over 60 participants with some 6 congregations and over a dozen nationalities represented, all crying out to God for our town.  It was a beautiful time together, and it was encouraging to hear some of the responses we had from attenders:

  • "This has been a dynamic night and has put Alcora on the map for our congregation."  (Daniel, pastor from Castellón)
  • "We've never been a part such a powerful time of worship and prayer.  You can count on our congregation in Madrid (over 4 hours away) to help reach Alcora with the Good News."  (Abraham and Vicente from Madrid)
  • "When I saw "Prayer Service" on Facebook, I didn't think I could sit and pray for an hour and a half.  But the way the service flowed made our time together fly was great!" (Isaac, teenager from Castellón)
  • "When are we going to do this again?"  (Rubén, University Student from Alcora)
We already know that our night was a success, and not necessarily because we’ve seen numerical growth to our group but because we’ve sensed a direct attack from the Enemy against our daughter.  The week leading up to the worship service, Miriam, who's been sleeping well for quite some time, immediately started having anxiety attacks at bedtime.  She was getting so tense and nervous that she would vomit, which she had never done before.  When Rachel's parents came for the weekend, we prayed for her together in her room and she was noticeably less anxious.  The following Wednesday they left, and that night she began to have the same anxiety, causing her to throw up again at bedtime.  This continued off and on until Sunday when we asked the elders of our church to pray for her and for us, specifically that God would protect us against any attack of the enemy.  Miriam hasn't had a problem since, and that's been over a week ago.  We certainly don't mention all of this to sensationalize what we're doing or over-spiritualize our lives; it's simply what we've lived through the past several weeks.  So we, as believers and missionaries living in Alcora, realize that we are where God wants us to be, on enemy territory, Satan is not happy about that, and we are vulnerable...and the enemy knows how to get to us.

So we urge you to continue asking God to protect us from Satan’s subtle and not-so-subtle attacks, and please continue to pray with us for Alcora as we serve the Living God here. 

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